Paramesu Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Yellow Dextrin

The Yellow Dextrin that we deal is a carbohydrate that has been accurately prepared by our team of veterans using hydrolysis of starch. It is formulated in direct compliance with the international quality standards. Our Yellow Dextrin is widely used as a binder in refractory and as a core binder in foundry operations. It is provided by us at nominal prices. We are a credible Manufacturer and Supplier of Yellow Dextrin in Andhra Pradesh, India.


Applications :

  • Yellow Dextrin is used in making adhesives for envelopes and corrugated boxes. it is also used as a binder in refractory
  • CWS 90 – 95 yellow dextrin is the ideal dextrin for inks, dyes, carbon paper manufacturing, abrasives, dry distemper, spiral tubes and convolute tubes.
  •  It is also uses as a core binder in foundry operations
  • Yellow Dextrin with 80 – 90 % cold water soluble has very good adhesive properties, which makes it suitable for adhesives, bottle labeling on automatic machines, poster gum, paper cones, paper tubes and corrugated tubes.


Packing Details :

  • 50 KG HDPE Bags with inside polythene liner
  • 500/850 KG Jumbo Bags
  • 25 KG HDPE Bags with inside polythene liner 
  • 25 KG Paper Bags with inside polythene line


Moisture content , Percent by mass, Max 5
Ash content %, max 1
Cold water soluble %, by weight on dry basis min 80.00 - 95.00
Reducing sugars %, max 7
Sieve analysis on 100 mesh 5