Paramesu Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

White Dextrin

We have a strong foothold as Manufacturer and Supplier of White Dextrin in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is well-prepared by our tea, of skilled and adroit personnel using sophisticated machines and latest techniques. Buyers are free to place bulk orders of White Dextrin with us. We pack it in qualitative HDPE bags, jumbo bags and polythene liner so as to make sure safety during storage and transit.


Applications :

  • Textiles Industry
    • White dextrin forms a film and act as sheath for fiber. Thus protecting it from abrasion
    • White dextrin is used in textiles finishing in order to impart stiffness to certain types of interlining fabrics
    • The soft pulp paste of dextrin acts as the best thickening agent for every type of textile, paper printing, and certain plastic printing using all  types of colours and dyestuffs
    • The gritless and non – abrasive print paste ensures long line of printing copper rolls which cannot be achieved by using gum and other adhesives


  • Food and Pharmaceutical Industry
    • White dextrin is a carbohydrate nutrient source in the preparation of certain antibiotics by fermentation. Hence the shelf life and crispiness It can be used as an active ingredient as a food flavor


  • Other Industrial Applications
    • Foundry (as a core binder to give better green strength, dry tensile strength), fireworks, dye stuff and printing, glass fiber industry, insecticides, briquettes paint and distemper etc.
    • White dextrin having  25 – 30% cold water soluble, is used in textiles, adhesives, label gum, Kumkum manufacturing, bottle gum, stamping ink, office paste, carton & case sealing and paper manufacturing


Packing Details :

  • 50 KG HDPE Bags with inside polythene liner
  • 500/850 KG Jumbo Bags
  • 25 KG HDPE Bags with inside polythene liner 
  • 25 KG Paper Bags with inside polythene line


Moisture content, Percent by mass, Max 10
Ash content %, max 0.5
Ph (10% aqueous solution) 3.0 – 5.0
Cold water soluble %, min 25.00 - 80.00
Reducing sugar percent, max 10
Sieve analysis on 100 mesh 5