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Maize Starch Powder (Equivalent IP)

Our company’s name figures in the list of reliable Manufacturers and Suppliers of Maize Starch Powder (Equivalent IP) from Andhra Pradesh. The Maize Starch Powder we make available is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry as an instant binder, disintegration agent during tablet manufacturing. Owing to our excellent logistics network, we are capable of delivering bulk orders of the Maize Starch Powder within the allocated time.


Applications of Maize Starch Powder – Food Grade

  • Maize Starch Powder is used in Pharmaceutical industry drugs and medicaments are requested to be taken in small but accurate doses in the form of pills and tablets.
  • Maize Starch Powder is starch is used because it is bland, odourless and capable of digestion, and as an instant binder, disintegration agent during tablet manufacturing.


Product Packing :

  • 500/850 KG Jumbo Bags
  • 50 KG HDPE Bags with inside polythene liner
  • 25 KG HDPE Bags with inside polythene liner
  • 25 KG Paper Bags with inside polythene liner


Acidity Not more than 2.0 ml
Iron Not more than 40 ppm
Fluorescence No fluorescence should be visible under screened ultra-violet light
Oxidizing substances No distinct brown or blue color is observed
Sulphated ash Not more than 0.6%
Loss on drying Not more than 15.0%
E.COLI Absent
Salmonellae Absent

Maize Starch Powder - IP Specifications IP Year 2010






Very fine, white or slightly yellowish powder or irregular white masses which are readily reducible to powder, creaks when pressed between the fingers; odorless and tasteless. The presence of granules showing cracks or edge irregularities.



Practically insoluble in cold water and in ethanol (95%).


Identification: A

Polyhedral granules, 2 to 23 µm in size, or m in diameter. The central helium consists of a rounded granules, 25 to 32 distinct cavity or two- to five-rayed cleft; no concentric striations. Viewed between crossed Nicole prisms, a distinct black cross is seen intersecting at the helium.



Heat to boiling for 1 minute a suspension of 1 g in 50 ml of water and cool; a thin and cloudy mucilage is produced with all starches except potato starch which gives a thick and more transparent mucilage



To 10 ml of the mucilage obtained in test B add 0.05 ml of 0.01M iodine; a dark blue color is produced, which disappears on heating and reappears on cooling.